Cloudie is the best way to experience Cloudapp on the go.

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There is finally a solution to manage your Cloudapp
on your iPhone.

Easily track, share or upload files from your iPhone to Cloudapp.

Designed for iOS 7.

Since Apple presented iOS 7 we started to reimage Cloudie again. We matched Cloudie's new user experience design to the imagination of Apple's layered flat operating system. The result is a magnificient beautiful and clever interface, which fits perfectly to iOS 7. You would not think you are using a third-party app!
Cloudie is currently the most contemporary designed Cloudapp client on the App Store.

Access and manage on the go.

Due to its clever user interface Cloudie is also the easiest way to acces and manage your Cloudapp account on your iPhone. Cloudie's interface elements are cleverly arranged so you do not have to navigate through the app to upload an item or to share a cloudapp link. There are just a two taps away.
The upload bar is perfectly implemented to not overlay another interface element.
Besides that you can access the navigation bar and the settings by pinching to zoom out. From every screen.

Share on the go.

The only reason why you are uploading images, files or other things to Cloudapp is to share the link. So we focused on making sharing as effectively as possible: You can access to the share menu directly from your list of uploaded items. Just swipe and open the share menu! If you want to view the item you can open the share menu from the item itself too!
Sharing Cloudapp items was never so easy as before!

Cloudie supports URL schemes.